«The second world war ended with the defeat of fascism everywhere except Spain. Hitler committed suicide and Mussolini’s body was strung up from the rafters of a petrol station in Milan, yet Franco remained in power until his death some thirty years later. […] In Germany, the Nazis were defeated in battle and tried at Nuremberg; in Spain there was no defeat and no-one will ever be placed in the dock. Here, we can speak of a “topography of terror” when those who perpetrated it have had several decades to blot it out and mould it as they wish, when the years of terror are now far behind, and, above all, when the State, its powers and those on the right have made sure that Franco’s dictatorship will be judged only by history*».

*Francisco Espinosa Maestre, «Cartografía del terror», in Cartografías silenciadas, ed. Ana Teresa Ortega (Valencia: Universitat de València, 2010).