As a whole, these leading perpetrators conform to the same profile: military figures who cut their teeth in the colonial campaigns of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, who were affected by the promotions granted illegally during Primo de Rivera’s dictatorship and repealed during the Second Republic and—above and beyond an ideology rooted in law and order, the unity of the nation and the total absence of public power—were driven by a thirst for power. Part of this research presents representations of Francoist power through portraits of those ultimately responsible for repression.

Miguel Cabanellas FerrerFrancisco Franco Bahamonde, Miguel Cabanellas FerrerMiguel Cabanellas Ferrer, Andres Saliquet ZumetaAndrés Saliquet Zumeta, Miguel Ponte Manso Ponte De ZunigaLuis Miguel Limia Ponte y Manso de Zúñiga, Emilio MolaEmilio Mola Vidal, Fidel Dávila ArrondoFidel Dávila Arrondo, Fernando Moreno CalderonFernando Moreno Calderón, Francisco Moreno FernandezFrancisco Moreno Fernández, Germán Gil YusteGermán Gil y Yuste, Luis Orgaz YoldiLuis Orgaz Yoldi, Gonzalo Queipo De Llano Y SierraGonzalo Queipo De Llano y Sierra, Francisco Gómez Jordana Y SousaFrancisco Gómez Jordana y Sousa, Luis Valdés CabanillaLuis Valdés Cabanilla, Francisco Fermoso BlancoFrancisco Fermoso Blanco, Nicolás Franco BahamondeNicolás Franco Bahamonde, Ramón Serrano SúñerRamón Serrano Súñer, Severiano MartínezSeveriano Martínez Anido, Tomás Dominguez ArévaloTomás Domínguez Arévalo, Raimundo Fernández CuestaRaimundo Fernández Cuesta y Merelo, Valentin Galarza MoranteValentín Galarza Morante, Estaban Bilbao EguíaEsteban Bilbao Eguía, Jose Luis ArreseJose Luis de Arrese y Magra, Jorge Vigón Suero DíazJuan Vigón Suero Díaz, Juan YagüeJuan Yagüe Blanco, Salvador Moreno FernándezSalvador Moreno Fernández, Agustín Muños GrandesAgustín Muñoz Grandes, Eduardo Aunós PérezEduardo Aunós Pérez, Eduardo Gonzalez GallarzaEduardo González-Gallarza, Francisco Regalado RodríguezFrancisco Regalado Rodríguez, José Enrique VarelaJosé Enrique Varela Iglesias, Blas Pérez GonzálezBlas Pérez González y Carlos Asensio CabanillasCarlos Asensio Cabanillas.

Armed with this list of names as a guide, the project set out to locate and identify the leading perpetrators’ official residences and build up a photographic picture of this “world of the victors”. The key documents that led to these properties were their death certificates, which included the deceased’s last known place of residence.